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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your wedding ceremonies legal?

Yes, as a Marriage Officer with The Fulcrum Foundation I can legally marry couples who share our core belief on marriage which is that, "Marriage is a lifelong connection between two people whose values are based on equality, common purpose, tolerance and compassion."

Do you officiate same sex weddings?

Absoloutely, and I am delighted to do so.

Does our religion or faith matter?

No that doesn't matter at all!  I'm happy to marry anyone, of any religion, faith or belief group.  I will work to include any elements you want to include in your ceremony.  So, if you would like to add a cultural or religious tradition into your ceremony, you can, as long as you support the Fulcrum belief of Equality, Common Purpose, Tolerance and Compassion.

Where can we hold our ceremony?

You can hold your ceremony wherever you like, in the comfort of your own home or garden; In a dedicated wedding venue or hotel, or even in the woods or by the beach. 

When can we hold our ceremony?

Anytime you want, sunrise, sunset, it's up to you.

What can we include in our ceremony?

You can include traditional elements, such as handfasting and drinking from a quaich, or newer ideas such as doing a first shot together and blessing the rings.  We will work together to find elements which you would like to include in your ceremony.

What does the celebrant actually do on the day?

My main job is to put your minds at ease.  I will be at your venue an hour before the ceremony to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and to ensure that everything is in order.  You can trust that I will ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly and exactly how you want it.

Do you conduct elopements?

Absolutely!  I love an elopement or micro wedding, especially here in beautiful Scotland!

What do we have to do before the wedding?

I will contact you a few months before your wedding to arrange a meeting to start planning.  At this stage I will get you to fill out a questionnaire each, separately, and then we will craft your bespoke ceremony.  This is also when you will have to submit your paperwork, which I will guide you through.

Can a Celebrant provide a Traditional Ceremony?

Yes! Of course.

How long does a ceremony usually last?

Usually between 25 and 45 mins, but this is dependent on what you decide to include in your ceremony.

We live abroad and are coming to Scotland for a Handfasting Ceremony.  Will you work with us?

Yes! Of course.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes, I love exploring different venues!  Your fee includes travel within 50 miles of Kinross, any mileage after is negotiable.  There may be additional costs incurred dependent on any out of the ordinary requests arising from our discussions or when accommodation is required the night before your event.

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